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European football betting – Simple guide to European football betting for beginners

After European football betting became more well-known, the number of people participating in this type of bet has increased significantly. So, how do you play this type of bet? What should you pay attention to when betting on European football? Let's find out in detail in the king betting tips below with Wintips.

What does European football betting mean? How to bet on European football

European football betting, also known as European football betting odds, or alternatively called 1×2 betting, consists of a total of 3 betting options, including:

Betting on the home team to win, symbolized as 1

Betting on the away team to win, symbolized as 2

Betting on a draw between the two teams, symbolized as x

And the symbol 1×2 is derived from here. Therefore, when encountering European football betting, players will temporarily understand this type of bet as a 3-option bet or a 1×2 bet.

Each of these betting options will have different odds. Therefore, you need to carefully analyze and calculate before placing this bet.

Is it difficult to read European football betting odds?

When encountering 1×2 betting, you can read it as follows:

If you predict that the home team will win, you just need to bet on the corresponding European odds. Conversely, if you believe that the away team will win, bet on the odds in line with the away team. Additionally, you can bet on the result of a draw between the two teams.

Usually, the betting option with a high probability of winning will have very low odds. Conversely, betting options with low winning probabilities will have very high odds.

Players only need to observe the 1×2 betting odds column to immediately recognize it when placing bets. Especially, if you are betting at a bookmaker, recognizing and reading European football betting odds will not be difficult at all.

On the other hand, the team designated as the home team will have accompanying symbols. By briefly observing, you can know which stadium the match is taking place in.

Is analyzing European football betting easy?

As is known, this type of betting is a primary type in football betting. When you follow the odds on the betting site, you will immediately recognize it. Because the betting hall will display complete information on the 1×2 odds board.

Therefore, analyzing European football betting odds through websites will be very suitable for first-time players.

The process will proceed with clear templates. Those who lack experience only need to grasp the basic information to accurately analyze 1×2 odds. Typical examples include:

Understanding the 1×2 betting odds provided by the bookmakers

Being able to distinguish between the home team and the away team

Knowing how to analyze the situation and the developments on the field.

Gathering information about the two teams before betting

Statistics and comparing the increase/decrease in odds on the bookmaker's board.

Paying attention to the fluctuations of the Asian handicap group to make reasonable betting decisions.

If this preparation stage is done well and complete, it ensures that the process of analyzing European football betting odds will proceed very smoothly. Even better, all your predictions will become more accurate, and the chances of winning bets will be significantly improved.

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Experiences for Reading Asian Handicap Most Effectively

To accelerate the chances of winning in Asian Handicap bets, newcomers need to accumulate some experiences that seasoned bettors have passed down over years of betting. Now, Suncity will share these experiences in a specific manner with the hope that they will help you feel more confident when entering Asian Handicap betting.

Betting on Direct Elimination Matches

In direct elimination matches in major tournaments where both teams are evenly matched, bettors often prefer to bet on a draw. The main reason is that in such matches, the level of competition and defensive ability of both teams is very high, as both teams aim to advance in the tournament. Normally, the result of the two main halves is a draw, and extra time is often used to determine the winning team.

Although it should be noted that the Asian Handicap only counts the result after the two main halves and does not count the outcome of extra time. Therefore, no matter which team wins and advances, a draw is still the best choice for bettors. This is a tip that helps bettors make betting decisions more easily and emphasizes the importance of understanding the rule that extra time is not counted in Asian Handicap betting, as mentioned earlier.

Experiences for Reading Asian Handicap Most Effectively

Always Update Daily Information

Another essential factor in analyzing Asian Handicap bets, which is probably not known by all bettors, is to always research and update information related to matches. On websites and forums, bettors can find a large amount of useful information to help them bet on Asian Handicap effectively.

Furthermore, forums also provide Asian Handicap odds and attractive prize amounts. Participating in this community not only provides knowledge but also opens up opportunities to choose attractive and rare betting odds from experienced bettors.


Above are the basic guidelines betting tips sites for Asian Handicap football betting. Hopefully, through this brief sharing, it will help you accurately understand this type of betting. And don't forget to visit the sports betting website to have the best experiences.


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